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     And so the saying goes,  “hope for the best but plan for the worst.”  This glorious year gave us extended months filled with warm air and sunshine so it became increasingly difficult to imagine slushy streets and “winter advisory warnings” but cold temperatures are inevitable.  We'll need a hat, gloves, and a good warm coat. Lastly our feet, let's stop here and open this one up for discussion.   Honestly, cold weather boots have never got me excited and it's tough to go shopping for them because it feels like a chore. You and I are always on a hunt for good-looking, stylish boots that are comfortable, warm, waterproof and sustainable.  Here is our list of sharp looking boots. What's even better is that the brands are doing a great job by helping people, animals and the planet.

     Alice-Whittles-Minimalist Red Ankle Boots: Got cold feet, what about when they're cold and wet? The owners of this company are two UN emergency relief workers.  A vegan brand, they are focused on being socially and environmentally conscious and pay Fair Trade agreement for their Rubber and Cotton canvas.


     Matt & Nat use 100% vegan sustainable and recycled materials such as PU, cork, rubber and recycled PET bottles in their products.  Their factories are SA800 certified which ensures the basic human rights of its workers by providing a sufficient living wage and a safe, nondiscriminatory workplace.


     Bhava clever design 2 in 1 boots gives you just that, 2 boots for the price of one.  You can go from ankle boot to knee hi boot in seconds. These bots are handmade by Spanish artisans from Italian vegan leather which doesn't contain PCP, formaldehyde, phthalates, azo-dyes or chrome.


     Beyond Skin is the go to boot if you're looking for animal friendly winter warmth.  This brand is 100% PETA approved and completely vegan.  They are the only footwear company known to use 'dinameca' faux suede which is made out of 100% recycled PET plastics and they endeavor to source from environmentally sustainable resources. 


     The commute to work is stressful enough during bad weather. Having cold and wet feet is uncomfortable and something we shouldn’t have to deal with. It’s worthwhile to invest in a great pair of boots so you can walk with confidence through the ice, snow, and wind.

         Comfort is always key at Coco & Cyd.  The comfort you feel from not having to worry about the way you look keeps you upright and happier throughout the day. Cocooning your feet in cozy, warm and soft boots will make this winter all the more enjoyable.

    Office Tip:  Keep a pair of black pumps at your office and wear boots on your commute.

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