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Reshma Saujani began her own career as an attorney and political activist but today she is well known starting the tech organization, Girls Who Code. Girls who Code is a non-profit organization that was started in 2012 in the hopes of closing the gender-gap prominent in the technology field. Saujani noticed the lack of female roles in tech while visiting local schools when running as the first Indian American woman for Congress in 2010. Saujani also ran for the role of New York Public Advocate in 2013, and came third in the Democratic primary.  

Saujani’s non-profit organization is about more than just bridging the gender gap in technology - it's about empowering girls to change the world. Girls who Code has already introduced 10,000 girls to coding through after-school programs and summer programs.  Her organization also took steps to expand that reach to one million girls with the launch of a Girls Who Code publishing program and the release of two new books - an official coding guide, Girls Who Code:  Learn To Code and Change The World and The Friendship Code by Stacia Deutsch, the first book of the Girls Who Code fiction series.  

"This is our global movement" Saujani said in an Interview with PEOPLE, "I really believe that literary representation matters.  So much about representing culture is not through television, it's through books."  "This is our global movement."  

The cultural perception of who can and cannot code is reflected in the statistics. In 1984, 37 percent of computer science majors were women, but by 2014 that number had dropped to 18 percent.We applaud Reshma Saujani for her vision, tenacity and powerhouse organization where women are reaching out to girls everywhere to teach them  much needed skills which will enable  to integrate  into a world that demands a strong skill set in technology.  There is no doubt Saujani will reach  and exceed 1 million girls.

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“I’m so excited about the future of women and this generation because they’ll change the world. [Girls] are, at their hearts, change agents. When you give them the power to code combined with that humanity and compassion it’s a spark to save the soul of America.”

-Reshma Saujani





Content credit: People MAgazine - Sam Gillette for partial copy

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