Change and Challenge in the New Year

     Everywhere in the world, every New Years Eve, we set aside a few minutes or hours to look back on the past, reflecting on achievements or goals we want to bring forward into the New Year.  A year has come and gone and this is our chance for a fresh start once again.  Sometimes it’s challenging to differentiate between goals and dreams.  We like to focus on the changes and achievements we want for the New Year without laying a foundation that has to exist before those changes can take place. It's work baby, but if we can create the steps that lead to our progress, I can tell you first hand, it is so very worth it.  When you do something that's challenging, no amount of money can compare to the way you feel.  Doing the work also fosters a discipline in us and that drives us to stay on track. 

     For instance, we can say 'I'm going to loose weight this year but following that should be a 'how to' plan. Take a look at your eating habits and decide, for instance, to cut down on junk food and bring healthier foods into your life.   Winter is not just about cold weather, it’s a whole new season. Embrace this time of year by exploring your resolutions. Sure, getting to the gym can give us second thoughts when its cold outside so get creative at home.  There are plenty of free online workout videos, pop in a new workout video or invest in a piece of equipment.  Exercising at home can be a convenient and fun way to stay on track.   Make your goals specific not general and they will be easier to achieve but don't let cold weather get in the way of your goals. Remember, we're deciding what's good for us or what's easy, comfortable and safe.  Resolutions are changes you need.  So take small, measurable steps to change whatever you want in the New Year.  We are all capable of doing anything we want, begin by setting a small goal and go for it.  It's a wonderful time of the year - get started, enjoy and beat those winter blues!

     The Coco & Cyd woman is strong and always searching for her best self. As we know in life, there are continually new challenges to take on, places to go, people to acquaint ourselves with, and new paths we can make. We are busy, life is, but we should always make time to give ourselves the attention and care that is needed to grow. You are important and always worth it, anything you want, any challenge you face is achievable with the right mindset, attitude, and self-made plan. Go out and conquer! Wishing you a terrific 2017!


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Quote to take with you for the week:

"I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better."

-Georg C. Lichtenberg




Content Inspiration from Kobi O Mbagwu (1st paragraph)

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