Boots that Keep us Warm and Comfortable

     There's a saying that goes, 'hope for the best but plan for the worst.  We've had a number of days filled with sunshine so it’s hard to imagine slushy streets and "winter advisory warnings' but cold temperatures are inevitable.  So lets start with our feet.  Truthfully, cold weather boots have never got me excited and it's hard to go shopping for them because it can seem like a chore. However, we have seen numerous fun styles this season that now line the shelves of many stores; we should move fast before the selection is gone.  

     Stylish and practical, there are a number of options available to keep your feet warm, dry and fashionable.  Regardless of your preference, L.L. Bean is known for its sturdy, classic styles, Ugg, also makes an incredibly warm sheepskin lined boot.  Let's not forget Sorel Boots, which have always done the job, in particular, the Sorel Ankeny boot that looks great and offers function with comfort.  J Crew has a cute Nordic boot and Timberland's 6" premium waterproof boot is stylish and light.  No. 6 has a shearling high heel boot with a clever rubber soul that can battle icy sidewalks. All it takes is a little search and you are likely to find a pair of warm, sturdy boots to keep your feet toasty, stylish, and comfortable during the winter weather.

     Comfort is always key for the Coco & Cyd woman. The commute to work is already stressful enough, and having uncomfortable and wet, cold feet is a problem we shouldn’t have to deal with. It’s worthwhile to invest in a great pair of boots so you can walk with confidence through the ice, snow, and wind.

    Office Tip:  Keep a pair of black pumps at your office and wear boots on your commute.


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-C.S. Lewis 




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