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     Lois Hill has always made beautiful jewelry.  From her signature classic sterling silver pieces to her 18K gold collection, her styles are always evolving. She stays true to the details that make her jewelry unique - - intricate design techniques combined with hand crafted quality and Lois's eye for beauty.

    Lois is one of the few jewelry designers who doesn't follow trends.  While her pieces are considered contemporary in styling, her attention to detail gives her collections both unique and classic looks.

     One of her techniques is known as “Granulation & Filigree”, which brings the past and present together by combining elements of Scandinavian filigree with the art of granulation (dating back to 3,000 BC). Her signature scroll is outlined with lacelike filigree then made even more beautiful by tiny granules of sterling silver, intricately applied by hand. Today, her collections for men and women use her basic mark of filigree which include white diamonds and sterling, green amethyst and sterling, black sapphire, brown diamonds with matte black onyx all crafted into bracelets, cuffs, rings, earrings, necklaces and so much more.  

     As successful as the company has become, Lois Hill is philanthropic and continues to give back. As early as 1998, she successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for a fund raising adventure with CARE International. As of 2009, Lois contributes 8% of net proceeds to causes she believes in most. 

     Coco & Cyd also pride ourselves as a fashion company that takes a unique point of view. We offer pieces that are classic yet relevant and timeless. We encourage you to make our pieces into your own by adding jewelry or a fun shoe. Confidence comes from the ability to be the best version of yourself, and often trends create one look, impersonalized and unable to fit your unique self. We want you to shine and stand out so that you feel beautiful. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.        

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