Celebrating Iris Apfel

     She has been called the “forever young icon” and certainly lives up to this caption. Last week, in addition to celebrating her 95th birthday, iris Apfel launched her fashion collaboration with Macys INC, International Concepts, called: Iris Meets Inc.  Apfel curated the 60's styled collection and it is every bit of Iris.  In addition to her partnership with Macys, she has undertaken ad campaigns for Kate Spade and Alexis Bittar. Apfel also has her jewelry line, Rara Avis, on HSN as well as a collaboration with MAC cosmetics. Today, she is of course getting ready for New York's Fashion Week.

     Apfel is a living legend, is loaded with wisdom and is blunt with a number of topics that have hung around the fashion industry for years on end.  The old adage 'dress your age' is tossed to the sidelines by Apfel who says "I think that's stupid".  She goes on to say ""I think [designers are] all entirely too youth-oriented. I think a lot of designers create very expensive clothes for women [in their] 60s and 70s — people who wear them — and they create them for 16- and 18-year-old bodies. The kids can't afford to buy them and the women look like a horse's ass if they put it on. So it's all out of whack."

     Iris, like many of us, would like to see the fashion industry branch out. We would like to see designers make clothes for "that whole segment of society that is neglected."   There is a very small group of luxury designers who design clothing for adult women.  She made an outstanding point when she said "I think if a woman has her own style and knows who she is, she doesn't have to dress for being 60 or 20 or 90". Apfel doesn't like rules and regulations but maintains common sense. There's so much to admire and love about Iris but the one thing that speaks loud and clear is her ability to accept others without judgment.  She wants you to be happy and everything else is secondary. 

     As a company that celebrates the adult woman in fashion, Coco & Cyd has the deepest respect and admiration for Apfel's confidence and overall influence in the industry. Apfel is not defined by society but instead defines herself in her own terms and with her own set of rules. We are inspired by her ability to be unapologetically herself. She recogzies that gap in the fashion world, and sees that the aparel industry does not cater to a certain crowd. Just like Apfel, we strive to fill that gap, and provide fashion for the independent, strong, and adult woman. If anyone is an icon for Coco & Cyd, Apfel fits the bill. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Quote to take with you for the week:

Courtesy of  Harpersbazaar.com

Courtesy of Harpersbazaar.com



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