The End of The Season

     Summer! Cookouts, festivals, flea markets, and of course, the beach! There is a positive energy in the air when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. People are happy.  Summer activities bring us together and that is a gift.  We're given three whole months, yet every day seems to fly by faster than the next.  Now, summer is drawing to an end, and for many of us this can be a melancholy time of year. 

     We hope you  savor this last month of Summer and bring all of the positive energy and warmth you now have into the Fall. The cooler months can sometimes influence our moods whether it’s a conscious change or not. A great way to retain and celebrate the good times summer brings is to keep a journal.   You could create a journal filled just with pictures that are inspirational, personal, that are meaningful, anything. You could also create a gratitude journal and log five simple things you are grateful for that day or that week. Keeping a journal during a time of happiness is a wonderful way to bring great moments forward.  The momentum of doing something for yourself can provide a joy to share with others or perhaps looking back on the memories can bring happiness into a grey day.  Either way, we encourage you to find what makes you happy now, celebrate it and take it into the coming months. Stay powerful and positive and make the upcoming seasons warm with the joyful moments summer gave us.

     Coco & Cyd is all about maintaining a positive outlook. Fall will not only bring beautiful changes in the foliage but also it will bring our line to you.  The Fall is an exciting time for us, and we are so thrilled to have the Coco & Cyd Collection available to you. We hope that our clothes will bring you happiness, confidence, as well as keep you comfortable during the months to come. Thank you all for being here and joining us for our weekly blogs! 

Here are some looks from the 2016 Coco & Cyd Fall collection 


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Quote to take with you for the week:

"In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” 

— Les Brown



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