Dries Van Noten

     I have been an avid follower of Dries Van Noten for many years and was once again speechless when I saw his Fall 2016 collection.  The women who stepped out on the runway were posh, elegant, and bold.  Their eyes were smudged with black grease, and their hair was finger waved, reminiscent of the 20's.  Van Noten's inspiration for this collection was The Marchesa Luisa Casati.  Marchesa Luisa Casati was charming, dark, eccentric and lived her life filled with excess, pomp, love affairs, and creativity.  She kept pet cheetahs in her villa, loved draping herself in pearls and once wore snakes around her neck as an accessory.  She was Italy's richest heiress at the turn of the last century.

     Van Noten's runway show featured exquisitely tailored coats, pantsuits, crisp white shirts, leopard-spot cloaks, old school sportswear and ties, and more. It was a great mix of style that had one thread running through the wardrobe, that overall. tied the collection together.  Van Noten showed a fashion sense (prewar culture, the 1930's and 40's) throughout the collection that stayed true to his on going philosophy of dressing intelligent, adult women.  He Used brocade fabrics, embroidered snakes and cheetahs, Vogue Magazine described him as 'one designer who never allows research to tip his clothes over the line into costume'. It's interesting to note that purchasing power is quite robust among successful women over the age of 40 and Dries van Noten is part of a very small group of luxury designers who acknowledge them.  

     Coco & Cyd have a great respect for designers who demonstrate unique and innovative work. We love clothing that has a purpose and a strong sense of inspiration. Better yet, we love clothing that empower women and capture the strength women carry within themselves. It is not often today that a designer chooses to focus on grown up women, and we love the shift in focus. Here are some photos from the Van Noten collection we wanted to share with you. Enjoy!


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