Audrey Hepburn

     Many women have made their mark in the fashion industry and Audrey Hepburn is no exception. Hepburn was timeless in her beauty and natural elegance and she will always be seen as an icon. We respect and admire her feminine and classic fashion sense and find inspiration in the way she carries herself as a woman. She shows us that sexy can be subtle and simple can be stunning.

     Movies such as Roman Holiday and Sabrina showcase some of Hepburn’s greatest looks. In Roman Holiday the gorgeous circle skirt, button up blouse, and silk necktie and in Sabrina, the Givenchy gown and Edith Head (famous Hollywood costume designer) casual short shorts. Every movie Hepburn stared in, a new iconic look was born.

Today we want to honor her and share with you some of our favorite looks from her life.

Edith Head Designs:

Givenchy Designs: 

Other Favorite Looks: 

     Hepburn embodies the Coco & Cyd woman in attitude and style. Her looks were always polished and carried a confidence we hope to translate in our own Coco & Cyd pieces.  


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-Audrey Hepburn



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