The Missoni Journey

     Rosita and Tai Missoni started their company in 1953. They did everything their way, from building their own home, to building their factory near Milan. Even though Florence was the place for knitwear, they made the decision to show in Milan since it was closer to their factory.  The Florence press criticized their collections for years, however, the American press started to pay attention to the Missoni Company.  These were long years for the couple, but they had a dream, knew what they wanted to do, and persevered. Little did they know their famous zigzag colors would be the element to advance their success.

     The Missoni zigzags debuted in the Autumn/Winter, 1967 collection.  Rosita explained: "My husband, who was an artist at heart, put together the different yarns and colours to create a completely unique look, one that was instantly recognizable and covetable. We loved doing everything together without bringing in a textile designer —finding new yarns and mixing them. We loved taking three colours of yarn and mixing them to make a fourth one. He understood that creating pattern is like composing music."

     Diana Veerland, noted columnist and major editor in the fashion world, introduced Rosita and Tai to Stanley Marcus, the chairman of Neiman Marcus, their entrance into the American Market. 

     Their daughter, Angela, a very independent girl was reluctant to be a part of the fashion world, having interest elsewhere. But, eventually came on board and is the creative director of the brand (reported worth at 170 million euros in 2013).

     Their story speaks of passion and persistence.  They didn't start their business with a specific plan to create their signature style, but they kept working, observing, listening, and staying open to their passion. Zigzags in brilliant colors morphed into the Missoni mark, and have made a place in fashion history.

     Stay with your passion, things will naturally reveal themselves; you'll know the next step.  Many people past, and present struggled before gaining recognition. Hard work never comes with out its ups and downs, and it takes determination, passion, and a vision to succeed. Getting knocked down does not mean you will not get to the top. The path may not always be clear, but do not give up. Continue to envision your dreams, and they will eventually be your everyday life.


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“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” 
― Maya Angelou



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