The Little Things In Life Can Sometimes Be The Biggest

     Good God, I am so happy today!!! Even though everything that was going on yesterday has not gone away, I feel this joy deep down in my heart. I didn't win the lotto or buy that dress I wanted but, I will tell you I'm in love with life and all the wonderful things it gives us. Sometimes we wait for things to happen but instead of waiting, take a look around you and see where you are. Think about who you love, the friends who love you, where you live, the foods you eat, the music you hear - - these are all a part of our wonderful life. When you stop and think about what you have, life is truly great because we already have so much. Does this mean that life is easy or always happy? Of course not, but if we stop and appreciate what already surrounds us, we might realize just how valuable the small things are.

     Yes, life is wonderful but life is hard.  We've all been through so much and we know, for the most part, we have no control over how some set backs will turn out. However, I do know everything we go through helps us grow, and we gain experience in how to go forward. We will survive anything and everything; women are amazing. As hectic as life gets, we keep going, collapse, and when that moment is over, we pick ourselves up again and move forward. We all have that strong spirit in us and if you’re not feeling it, dig deep, it is there, you're a woman and resilience is one of our many gifts. In the end, there will always be sad moments and times of happiness. It’s important to slow down and take in what surrounds us because the smallest ray of light or the simplest cup of coffee can make a whole day's difference. The addition of many little realizations of happiness can create a whole day of excitement.

     We want to give you hope and inspiration so that you can ultimately accomplish the small or large goals in your life. We understand that reaching a goal and making a change can be intimidating, tedious, and overwhelming which is why we want to give you a different perspective. Many underestimate the power of a simple and/or small change. So breathe, take a moment, and realize you are much farther than you may have believed. Whatever dreams, visions or thoughts you have we rejoice in everything you do that helps you grow.

Always give thanks.


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Quote to take with you for the week:

 “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

-Mother Teresa 




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