Sleep Makes All the Difference

     Sleep is powerful and goes way beyond building up our mood or removing our under eye circles. Getting enough sleep plays a huge role in a healthy lifestyle and can benefit our heart, weight, mind, and so much more.  I use to pride myself in thinking I could do anything, that the amount of sleep I got didn’t ultimately affect me. I would work up until the last minute, get to bed at 2 am, get an early start to the next day, (function at work, of course) and do anything else I may have needed. Let me be the first to tell you, it doesn't roll that way! Sure we're encouraged by the first couple of days when we're conquering goals, getting things done and enjoying life but then comes that moment, out of the blue, (we think), when we snap at someone. Not good, and no reason for that kind of behavior. Trust me, I've been there and so have you. Sleep makes the difference.

      It is also important to note what we do right before climbing into bed. What is our energy level? Try to fully relax. Put to-do lists away and focus on resting. Make sure the environment is quiet and dark, and try not to drink wine or caffinated drinks close to bedtime.

     Here's something else that's important, now more than ever.  Sleep improves our memory.  Our mind is busy when we're sleeping.  When we sleep, we can strengthen memories or practice skills we learned while we were awake.  It's called “consolidation”. In addition, sleep will help improve our learning process.

         It is not only important how long we sleep, it is also important how we sleep. The way we sleep affects the brain, lowers stress and means more to our overall well-being.

     We spend a third of our life sleeping and it makes sense to get the most out of your time in bed. Get a good set of pillows. Goose down feathers with milkweed fibers give you hypodown, a natural hypoallergenic fill inside the luxurious Ogallala pillow. Invest in a pair of chemical free sheets made with 100% organic cotton, inks and dyes. Who doesn't want to slip into bed under a soft, fluffy comforter?  Try an organic down comforter and get ready to hunker down, pull your sheets over your shoulders,  take a deep sigh and say good night. 

     The Coco & Cyd woman is hard working and always self-improving. We want to make sure we take care of our bodies and minds regularly so that we can support ourselves both physically and emotionally. We believe comfort should be a part of a woman’s everyday life and encourage you to take care of yourself in every way possible.

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Quote to take with you for the week:

"Your future depends on your dreams so go to sleep"

-Mesut Barazany




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