Summer is Here!

     Welcome back after a nice long holiday weekend.  Did anyone celebrate the start of summer with a BBQ? 

     Although most of us work during the summer, it's also a time to relax and enjoy.  I grew up during a time where summer meant freedom and relaxation. There were no packed schedules of programs or lessons. We hung out with our friends, went home for dinner at 6 and came back to hang out again, and were home by 10 pm; summers were the perfect time.

     After many years have come and gone, I still hold summer on a pedestal as that special time of the year.  While I'm not eating Good N Plenty or Turkish taffy bars anymore, I still think the summer should be a different time from the other 9 months we move through.

     Unfortunately, for most women, the summer isn't much different that the rest of the year.  Our schedules don't disappear and sometimes we're so busy, the summer goes by too fast and it’s far from relaxing.  But I'm a big believer that we can change things (small changes, nothing overwhelming). At times we need a light tap on the shoulder to remind us to take a break and breathe. Coco & Cyd are here to cheer you on.


Here are our tips on how to make summer the best it can be!

1. Take some time to spend outdoors.  There's a wonderful feeling of peace and calmness we can get when we spend time in nature. It is a great way to center ourselves.

2. Spend time with friends and family.  Set up time to go out to dinner together or have a fun night in. The great thing about the summer is the days are longer;  it's the perfect time to go out and have some fun. 

3.  Slow down.  Summertime forces us to walk slower and allows us to see our surroundings and live in the moment.  Need I remind you of those bitter cold days when all we thought about was getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible?

4.  Do things you love.  Start reading that book you've wanted to pick up for the longest time. Go to the park, sit on a bench and people watch.  Take a day trip somewhere.  There is so much going on outside of the space we've become comfortable in. Go to the beach and relax. Visit a new place and have lunch there. I promise you, it will make you feel like a new person and give you a new perspective on your life.

5.  It’s summertime and there's music everywhere.  In the streets, in the parks, a train, car or bus ride away...its out there.  Go online, pick up a free paper, you'll always find something that catches your eye.  There's no doubt that listening to music we like puts us in a good mood.

6. Experiment with new recipes! Cooking and baking can be a simple way to bring a whole new element of change into your everyday routine.

7. Have a small party for some close friends. Friends always make life a little brighter. 


     Although we physically cannot join your family cookout or summer swim party, we want to stand in as a support and a friend nonetheless. We will be here to provide conversation, motivation, and community. Our blogs are made to connect with you and we love and encourage your presence. We want to cheer you on because we know how wonderful you are!


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

Stop by Thursday for our next blog post


Quote to take with you for the week:

Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights

Gazing at the distant lights

In the starry sky


A Summer Song

By Chad and Jeremy




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