The Simple Beauty of A Kimono

     The Kimono (きもの)(着物) is a traditional Japanese garment. The word Kimono, means 'thing to wear' but is better understood as a full-length robe. The Kimono is always used in important Japenese festivals and worn by both men and women. It is seen as polite and very formal.

     Contemporary kimonos, inspired by traditional Japanese robes, have been given a modern update that range from prints to a variety of lengths. You can wear a kimono with many different styles, such as jeans, dresses, flats, mules, heels, office wear, and evening wear. Kimonos are lightweight and easy to fold up for simple transportation; shorter Kimonos can fold up like a scarf and fit perfectly in your day or night bag. 

     Summer is on its way, and with summer always comes heat. However, what happens when you go to a restaurant, the theater or the market and the air is on full blast and all of a sudden we're uncomfortably cold. Unfold your kimono, cover your arms and shoulders - - you'll feel better and look effortlessly stylish.  Also try wearing the Kimono as a cover up at the beach; Kimonos transition beautifully from casual fun to fine dinning.  If you’re new to the Kimono, you might want to own a solid black and/or a solid white kimono which will give you more options to put with other clothes you have.

     The options are endless and there is something for every taste and style. They're so wearable in a New York way - meaning they evoke style, comfort and a kind of nonchalance. We've seen a tremendous price range so you can have more than one.  A great accessory, they're functional and serene. Enjoy, my friends!


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Quote to take with you for the week:

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.  Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."

-Coco Chanel




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