Technology meets Fashion: A Powerful Purse

Technology has become a large apart of our everyday lives. It almost seems impossible to imagine a day without checking our phones. Although technology has advanced tremendously, many phones still do not have a long lasting battery life. We find ourselves, all too often, in that moment when our phone is on the verge of dying and there is no place to charge up or no charger on hand. Feeling frustrated and stranded, we look to borrow someone’s charger. This process, although small, can often cause unneeded stress, waste valuable time, or cause you to miss an important call, email, or text.

Kate Spade & Co. has created the purse that is a power supply.  The fashionable handbags can charge your iPhone wire free. No special adapters, cables or cases are needed.  The technology of this new collection is from start-up company, Everpurse. The bags are not plugged into a wall outlet but instead rest on a charging mat which sends energy, wirelessly, into a battery inside the purse. Everpurse will have the ability to charge iPhone 5 through iPhone 6 plus. The Everpurse’s charge should sustain a typical iPhone for two days.

The collection includes clutches, wristlets totes and backpacks and will be available at Kate Spade NY Stores, Kate Spade on line Nordstrom and Everpurse September 2016.

Coco & Cyd want to bring you accessories that can pair beautifully and effortlessly with our clothing collection. Just like our Fall collection, the Kate Spade Everpurse will bring you confidence, ease, convenience, and most importantly elegant style. 



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