Inspirational Women: Princess Diana

A woman who needs no introduction 

Dubbed the Peoples Princess, Princess Diana, is known and still celebrated worldwide for her humanitarian work. Diana cared about people’s well being.  She cared about the sick and their chances of recovery. She was beautiful, elegant and well traveled; there was rarely a function or society obligation where the princess was not following her goal to raise money.

She stands as a motivational woman and muse past, present, and future. It is hard to encompass all of the good she brought to society within a blog. She was a tireless campaigner for the dispossessed and disadvantaged.  She was one of the most active people in raising money for the AIDS foundation in her country. 

Diana knew the power of fashion and auctioned off 79 of her favorite gowns at a Christie's auction, ultimately raising $6 million for AIDS and breast cancer charities. She devoted herself to her sons and to such charitable efforts as the battle against the use of land mines. She fought for the victims and used her international celebrity to help raise awareness about this issue.

Diana was a perfect example of a well-rounded woman. She was more than a princess standing by the side of her prince or a puppet of the royal family. Diana was an inspiration. Just like every one of us, she had a million different roles: a loving mother, an independent woman, a contributor to making the world a better place. She set the right example and showed us what it was like to live one's life fully, beautifully, and passionately. While there were many, she didn't let the ups and downs of her life take control over her but held her head high no matter what. Princess Diana was a pure non-conformist who did what she felt was right in her heart.

Diana was the perfect example of a woman who was stunning inside and out. Women around the world marveled over her elegant, classic, and sophisticated style. She was humble and relatable to women, which made her even more beautiful, refreshing, and iconic for her time and social position.


We have provided two videos to share with you. Each video illustrates her importance on the fashion industry and on the people involved in fashion.



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