Age Does Not Define Us

     Let's open today's blog with a quote from Charlize Theron who thinks women get better with age.

     "It's ironic that we've built the beauty world around 20-year-olds, when they have no f****** concept about wisdom, what life is about, having a few relationships below [their] belt and feeling hardships, to grow into [their] skin and feel confident within [themselves] and to feel the value of who [they] are, not because of a man or because of something like that," (Women's Wear Daily 2016).

     The great thing about getting older is WE'RE ALIVE!  We don't have to beat ourselves up, we are in a better place than we might think. Yes, we may want to loose an additional 15 pounds, or join that yoga class nearby, but we can't let the unaccomplished parts of our life define us. How long have we been thinking about that for?  I'd say for the past 25 years. But you know what? Things are always going to come and they're going to go.  I think we need to focus on the great thing our bodies do for us. How they carry us through life, the strength we still have in our bodies.  Don't stop moving through the world.

     I look in the mirror and I see I'm getting older.  Automatically, I start to examine my face. There are lines around my eyes and around my lips and as my eyes move down to my neck, no surprise, there are lines on my neck. Dark circles often find there way to my under eyes. But, I look at my eyes more closely, and I see a softness that wasn't there years ago; this brings a smile to my face. Age is a wonderful part of life. I find I appreciate this world so much more.  A beautiful moment, watching little kids smile when they turn to see their mom behind them, looking up and seeing the moon in the night sky. 

     All this said, it has always been difficult to find clothing that reflects my lifestyle and place in life. I'm continuously seeing shirts and skirts that are too short and silhouettes that are too tight. At this point in our lives, we know what works for our bodies and lifestyles. We want to look good as much as younger women do. Not only do we want to look good but we want to feel comfortable too - - no second-skin clothing for me anymore.  However, finding these perfect pieces can be difficult; a number of clothing companies haven't caught up with us. Coco & Cyd hope to provide a solution for the fashionable and busy women of the world. We want to give you pieces that embrace and celebrate your bodies while supporting and moving with your everyday lives. Look back at everything you have done thus far and feel proud. Yes, life is great with all the crazy stuff going on, because we're alive.  Enjoy!


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Quote to take with you for the week:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 
―Oscar Wilde



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