The "Exclamation Point" in Your Outfit

     Jewelry can be a beautiful addition to any outfit. There are numerous types of jewelry ranging from simple to Avant-garde, to costume to fine. Jewelry can transform an outfit, tell a story, or reflect your inner mood. It can also symbolize status, be a mark of commitment to another, or represent a rich and diverse culture. 

     Most importantly jewelry can be a part of your personal, outward expression to the world. While clothing can be thought of as the fundamental element of a look, jewelry can be considered the icing on the cake. At Coco & Cyd, jewelry is a crucial part of how we transform one look from day to night.  Take Morgan, our tunic top, for example. For the daytime, when less is often more, Morgan, paired with a delicate gold necklace and studs, can give you a professional, polished and confident look. For the evening, wear Morgan with a statement necklace and an elegant set of bracelets because nothing makes you feel more beautiful than wearing gorgeous costume jewelry. You can see how a few simple changes, can give an outfit a whole new personality.

     Today, we want to share and support sisters Noriko and Akiko Sugawara, founders of a jewelry company called N+A New York. N+A is based in New York and sells beautiful, simple jewelry inspired by music, literature, and art. N+A jewelry is created in the hopes of “enhancing the life of” and “complimenting the individuality of” the customer. All jewelry is handcrafted, “ethically sourced”, and made from "conflict-free materials”. 



       RO53 Ring                                                                               EO86 Earrings 


NO58 Necklace                                                                         BOO4 Bracelet 




     We hope you further explore N+A’s wide jewelry selection and fall in love with their line like we have. Discover the world of jewelry, you might be surprised at how much one piece can transform your confidence and kindle your fashion creativity.  Go shopping, look at a couple of pieces of jewelry for a few outfits and have fun!



Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Quote to take with you for the week:

"I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit."

-Michael Koors





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