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     It starts when you put that first piece of clothing on.  Something magical happens when soft fabric first touches your skin.  You smile, maybe even giggle and that’s when things start to happen.  Your head goes up, your shoulders push back a little more, one foot goes in front of the other and you walk.  When we feel good, we look great!  We lead such hectic lives - - putting something on that’s soft and cozy extends our energy level and our ability to keep going.  There’s a mind and body connection that allows us to be the best we can be. Soft fabrics have a way of affecting how we feel, react, think and move.  It's about rewarding ourselves for all the work we do and we can do this by wearing beautiful, indulgent, fabrics.  It’s our therapy moment.

     We, at Coco & Cyd, are always looking for unusual fabrics to offer our customers, fabrics they will not see anywhere else. This is what defines our vision for our customer. We strive to give you value, style and quality. Our clothing will last longer than any passing fad and continue to give you happiness for time to come.

     Coco & Cyd’s Fall 2016 Collection includes fabrics from Japan, Italy and the US.   After spending countless hours editing initial sketches, we craft these fabrics into styles you can seamlessly wear day into night.  Coco & Cyd will always be there to provide clothing that will help you look as good as you feel. It’s who we are; it’s what you deserve.

     Fast fashion, inexpensive fabrics, take a different path. A number of companies opened their doors to disposable clothing. Customers  wear something a couple of times and then replace it quickly due to poor quality.  Yes, prices reflect quality and we often fall into the cycle of buying multiple inexpensive items instead of choosing to invest in a couple high-quality pieces.

     NYC based journalist, Elizabeth Cline states in The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better, “There was a time, not too long ago, when well-made clothes were standard, available in catalogues, malls, and chain stores. Sweaters were often hand-knit, jackets were tailored and lined and dresses had blind hems. If one were to look through a JCPenney catalogue from 1990, it shows that most clothing was still made in the U.S. as recently as 25 years ago."

     Coco & Cyd hopes to revive the concept of quality over quantity by continually providing beautiful, comfortable clothing to you, our customers, nationally and globally. 


Close ups of some of our favorite fabrics  featured in our Fall Collection: 

       Bailey                                    Taylor                                  Jem                                     Riley 



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“Ah,  but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now” 

 -Bob Dylan – My Back Pages 

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan 



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