The Story of the Coco & Cyd Woman



     She is healing, calming and always caring for others. She takes the kids to swim and soccer practice while maintaining her commitment to her personal career be it in or outside the home.

     She’s busy, always on the go, on and off subways, in and out of cars, from boardroom meetings to PTA meetings. She takes on the world with confidence and strength, never letting anything or anyone diminish her light. She knows life is a gift and she is going to be the best she can be.

     She is not defined by titles, but instead by what she achieves within her own set of goals. The Coco & Cyd woman is a mother, sister, aunt, teacher, caregiver, grandmother, stepmother and businesswoman; she is you.

     She doesn’t want to sacrifice looks for comfort. Transitioning from the playground to a date night with a spritz of perfume, a simple touch of lipstick and maybe a pair of kitten pumps.

     When asked to describe her style, the words casual, easy, colorful, not careless, simple, versatile, and comfortable roll off her tongue.

     She wants to look sharp, elegant, and sophisticated without sacrificing practicality. At the end of the day, she doesn’t have time to change into “something else”.  She wants to begin her day wearing something that will take her from desk to dinner feeling comfortable and looking great.  Then, she can end her day with her focus on herself or whomever or whatever is most important to her.

     For the first time in her life, she can do everything and anything and she never has to question whether her clothes can keep up. The Coco & Cyd woman is empowered by her clothing, allowing her to fully embrace all of life’s moments.


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A quote to take with you for the week:

"You have to look in the mirror

and see yourself. If it feels good,

then I know it’s for me. 

I don’t dress to be stared at,

I dress for myself."

-Iris Apfel




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