The Gift of Giving

     Hmmm, what do we get the person who has it all,  the friends  we love to bits,  mom, dad, our significant other aka our honey.  At times, giving gifts at Christmas time can feel like a chore, something programmed so if you start to feel that way,  give yourself a quiet moment and think about why you give gifts at Christmas. Giving gifts at Christmas time is a way to express our thanks for each other.  The great thing is you don't have to break the bank when it comes to gifts unless you want to.  It's whatever you want to do,  it's whatever you can do.  

Some gifts to satisfy the food lovers in your life:

1. Breads Bakery: This one I can speak to.  A very special bakery where just about everything they make is magnificent.  One of the best food gifts I've seen, and eaten, is their babka. It's a three-pack of their famous chocolate or cinnamon babka.  Trust me, your gift will not be overlooked.  

2. Billy's Bakers:  The best cupcake makers in NYC by far.  They do have some local deliveries but no mail orders.   Go online, call them or visit one of their stores and you'll have everyone, including yourself, smiling.

3. Have a favorite recipe - -  perhaps a dish familiar to your culture?  Share it with your loved ones.  Fill a basket with all the ingredients to make your dish, along with a hand written recipe card.  Include all of the spices which may be difficult to find in local grocery stores.  This gives your friends a way to cook a delicious out of the ordinary meal.

4. Porto Rico Importing Company: A veteran coffee seller specializing in international brews and a variety of loose teas at prices I find hard to believe.  An amazing experience if you can go down there.  201 Bleecker Street, NYC  or  get a great feel of the place .

Some other gift idea:

1. Cloud 9 Living has a lot of experience gifts from a Wine Tasting Sail aboard a beautiful schooner to a Stock Car Ride Along or  you can always race a Ferrari around a world class race course.  They literally have over 2000 + experiences so create a memory, give an experience.

2. A monthly delivery of fresh flowers  Work out a deal with your local florist.  It could probably run you $150. to have a fresh bouquet sent to mom every month for 6 months. 

3. Invite a friend over for a special home cooked dinner of their  favorite food with a great bottle of wine.  Hand write the invitation and put it in a gift box with a collage of what you intend to make.  It's visual and gives your friend a wonderful night to look forward to.

Marimekko: Rasymatto Cutting Board  This impressive visual piece,  made of compressed wood cutting board doubles as a serving platter or cheese board you can bring directly to the table.

4. Toy Tokyo: Shopping, toys and games. Many of their items come from Hong Kong and Japan but they also carry the latest in domestic and collectible toys as well. There is something for everyone in this gem of a store. An experience.  91 2nd Avenue, NYC  973,759,0200,

5. Fishs Eddy:  A great selection of unique flatwear, dishes and glasses from funky to vintage. If you can, go to the store.  The website, while complete, doesn't do the flavor of the store justice. Ya gotta be there.  889 Broadway (19th Street) 212-420-9020. 

6. Shinola:  This Detroit upscale retailer of watches & bicycles, also includes a line of leather goods & curated gift items. 177 Franklin Street, NYC


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Quote to take with you for the week:

"May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility."    

 - Mary Anne Radmacher




Credit goes out to Real Simple magazine and The NY Times 


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