Celebrating Women: The Pirelli Calendar

     One of the world’s most famous calendars is the Pirelli Calendar.  It is said that everyone wants to own it, but few have it; the calendar is a collector's item.  Made every year, it is delivered free to a select group of high-powered clients and fashion's most exclusive members.  Over the years, The Pirelli Calendar's tradition has been to exhibit scantly clad models in evocative poses. 

     Enter The 2017 Pirelli Calendar, which features images of Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, and Robin Wright, each over 40 and some much older.  These women are not only willing to bare parts of their bodies, but they are also willing show us who they are. German photographer Peter Lindbergh is a great choice for this assignment. "I wasn't even thinking about their age he said. I was thinking that they all have something about them that is vulnerable and truthful at the same time".  His aim was to demonstrate that there is beauty in age and more than that, audacity.  "We see all these people today who all want to be perfect and young" Lindbergh said recently.  "My thought was, 'why don't we do a calendar with women ready to go without much makeup, to be as they are?'  For me, beauty is someone who can say yes to herself."

     Age has always challenged Hollywood and the fashion world. So, to see these A-List women bare the purest form of who they are in this setting is inspiring; they are bold, courageous, and gutsy.  The Calendar is also a great illustrator of a woman's power and beauty, it celebrates femininity. 


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Quote to take with you for the week:

"I didn't want to let women down. One of the stereotypes I see breaking is the idea of aging and older women not being beautiful."

-Annie Leibovitz

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