Long Live Leggings

     Leggings, the body hugging, not really pants are amended by today's high fashion brands. Malina Joseph Gilchrist noted Fall's architectural black dresses are clearly more wearable when paired with simple leggings.  Let's take that one step further.  Think of the variety of dress and skirt styles that are available. The sweater and skirt combination has been around for the longest time and we keep going back to it because of its easy going style and it's versatility.  Take a simple pair of leggings and slip them on.  Not only have you updated this look but you also are covering your legs as we move further into winter months. Fashionable and warm, it's a win/win look.  

     This is the time of year when boots become our go-to footwear.  Comfy couture can be a big tunic sweater, paired with black leggings, riding boots, a jacket and simple scarf as an accessory not just as a fashion statement but you're toasty warm and looking good.  We've also seen a fair number of leather leggings which go great with a cotton shirt and a pair of suede booties.  

     Leggings will become one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe this fall season because they are stylish and functional. Most importantly, they are comfortable and as you know, Coco & Cyd celebrate clothing that can be fashion forward yet still feel great by the end of the day.

Here are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts Valerie Greenberg


  • Make sure your leggings are long enough.
  • Wear a shirt or sweater to cover your assets if you are wearing leggings to work. Opt for a dressy material like suede or leather.


  • Wear leggings that are too tight. Your leggings should be tight enough to fit slimly over your legs but not so tight so that people can see every part of your legs.
  • Wear shear leggings.
  • Wear leggings with the wrong shoes.


Here are some great legging looks that inspire us:


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Photo Credit: Pinterest, Google photo, NY Times. 

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